ExSaf Cycling TeamThe 11th Cycling of ExSaf Cycling Team

The 11th Cycling: Cycling in Nanchang

Cycling route: Nanchang - Wuning - Nanchang

Date: March 30-31

Number of participants: 23

Distance: 240km

 On March 29, 2013, 21 sales persons from East China Region of ExSaf gathered in Nanchang of Jiangxi Province, who would start the cycling of ExSaf Cycling Team for the first quarter of 2013 together with Su Yihua and Guo Shaoting from the headquarters. 。

This time, our cycling route was from Nanchang to Wuning and then returned to Nanchang with the total distance of 240km.

The route consisted of even roads and slopes, with scenic villages, rivers and bridges along the route. For the veterans in the cycling teams, it was just a tour of sightseeing, while for Hu Tao, Duan Xiaojing and Su Tongkui, who attended the cycling activity for the first time, it was a challenge. For Zeng Huacheng, who kept falling behind in the cycling in Xiamen Roundabout, what would this time of cycle mean?

March 30, Saturday, Sunny. At 7:30 in the morning, 21 cycling members and 21 bicycles were aligned in a row at the gate of “Qinghua Art Hotel” in Nanchang.

As soon as Lin Bo gave the order of “Go!”, all the cycling members started cycling quickly and the speed of cycling kept increasing. The average cycling speed remained above 26KM/h and soon the team arrived at the first rest point after cycling for 30km.

Duan Xiaojing, who attended the cycling activity for the first time, was in red Ferrari cycling suit and especially hang two red ribbons on her orange-yellow bicycle. She remained her leading position, just like a motor with unlimited power.

Zeng Huacheng, who was very fat and always fell behind last year, now became much thinner and stayed in the first echelon. When asked about his efforts and hard trainings in the past year, he just gave a smile.

The distance of the second part was 30km too and there was hardly any slope, making this part the easiest one. However, this part was quite tough and the distance among the cycling members became larger.

The main reason was that Su Yihua, Duan Xiaojing, Zhang Yingdong and Zeng Huacheng, who were in the first echelon, kept cycling quickly as if they were crazy, further increasing the cycling speed of the entire team;

The members in the second and third echelons and other members behind had no choice but to do all they can to catch up. Such a cycling speed made every member excited and Su Yihua even forgot his goal of 50km per hour.

Zhang Yingdong had no time to drink Redbull which could replenish his energy, Xie Dehe forgot the pains in his hip and Su Pengfei had only one thing in his mind, to catch up, one after another.

So, from the very first day, the cycling, which should have run without any suspense, became a show of passion, a self-challenge for every cycling member and a contest among them.

No one wanted to fall behind and all members kept chasing and catching up each other, never accepting any defeat. Sometimes, even the hill after the rest point became a part of the challenge.

The contest remained until the terminate of the cycling.

The cycling route may be even or rugged. Sometimes, we pursue a rugged route, believing that would be a challenge for us. However, there are not so many rugged roads in the world and we should learn to lead a wonderful life in ordinariness, which may be the most important.