ExSaf Cycling TeamThe 10th Cycling

The 10th Cycling:Kunming – Fuxian Lake

Cycling route: Kunming – Fuxian Lake – Kunming

Date: November 22, 2012

Number of participants: 12

Distance: 230km


On November 22, 2012, the 12 cyclers participating in the Q4 activity of ExSaf Cycling Team gathered in Kunming, making preparations for the cycling from Kunming to Fuxian Lake and then back to Kunming.
10 out of the 12 cyclers were sales managers and sales employees in South China region. Su Yihua also came from Shenzhen. The features of the route of cycling this time were beautiful sceneries and steep slopes.
For us, who participated in the cycling for the first time, once we could persist in cycling up the slope and did not push the bicycle forward, that would be a success.
On Day one, soon after we left Kunming, there were continuous slopes which extended for 20km. As we were still excited about the departure and we felt ashamed if we could not even conquer the first slope, everyone persisted in cycling following the teammate ahead and arrived at the top of the slope.
After arriving at the top, most cyclers felt soreness and stiffness in the legs and suffered a large physical exhaustion. We were worried: with such physical condition, it was OK with only one slope, but what should we do if there were many slopes?
There was another slope in Haijing Village, which was not very long but very steep. We did not think we could cycle up to the top and wanted to push our bicycles forward. But Su Yihua maintained his cycling rhythm and managed to arrive at the summit by changing the gears.
We had no excuse and had to cycle up the slope no matter how unwell we were. Chen Yu was still the last one. Today he was the last one in every section. There was a pain in his leg and he could not breather smoothly. However, he bore all these silently; since he chose cycling, such pains were inevitable.
Fuxian Lake was beautiful. In the morning of Day two, it was a joy for us to cycle along the road by Fuxian Lake with willows on both sides. The rising sun was just in front of us.
All cyclers at different places on the slope were persisting. It was really hot in the midday sun. Chen Yu cycled silently, with a half piece of chocolate in his pocket. Su Yihan saw he was breathing heavily and looked very tired, so Su asked him to get off and gave him a piece of chocolate.
After eating a half piece of chocolate and drinking some water, he got on his bicycle again. No matter how slowly he had to cycle, he would not give up and would cycle to the top of the slope.
Everyone was very tired. Chen Benjun gave up cycling and now was pushing his bicycle forward; Xie Faqing also got off and began to push his bicycle. Chen Yu surpassed them, though very slowly. One turn, two turns, one slope, two slopes, he persisted. The teammates who arrived first now came up with cheers and he finally arrived at the top of the slope. Chen Yu got off and began to wait for the teammates behind, receiving every teammate who persisting in climbing up the slope.
In this cycling activity, Chen Yu was the most impressive one. When facing the same difficulties, the one who can persist silently without giving up has a kind of special power.