ExSaf Cycling TeamThe 9th Cycling

The 9th Cycling:Harbin - Chonghe

Cycling route: Harbin – Wuchang – Chonghe

Date: September 26, 2012

Number of participants: 15

Distance: 240km

Q3 of 2012 was the cycling season for ExSaf Cycling Team in Northeast China. The route we selected was from Harbin via Wuchang to Chonghe with the total length of 240km. According to our plan, the cycling would be finished in two days.

On September 25, the 15 participating cyclers gathered in Harbin, among whom, Liu Haibin and Wang Mingtao from Harbin Office, Wang Changchun from Daqing Office and He Yan from Shenyang Office participated in the cycling event for the first time, while Feng Zhongjun and Jiang Jun participated for the second time.

On the 6th, Day one. Though many participants had participated in cycling activities before, they were very excited. Everyone got up early to pack up, check their bicycles and have necessary maintenance.

After a long-distance cycling, the bicycle accompanying you was just like your friend.

After the team cycled for a while, they got out of the urban area and the vision suddenly became broader. The temperature went up from about 9℃ in the morning, the light rain stopped and the air became breathless. Someone in the team began to accelerate and soon there was some distance between the participants.

This part of the route was a semi-enclosed highway with smooth surface. Under the blue sky, we could see the golden paddy fields and busy harvesting farmers at both sides of the road.

Wang Mingtao participated in the cycling activity for the first time. He could not attend to enjoy the scenery and had to keep cycling, otherwise he would fall behind too far.

Feng Zhongjun also had not time to enjoy the scenery. He was looking for the correct cycling frequency, as in the previous cycling in Shenyang, it was difficult for him since he failed to have the proper cycling skills.

In the afternoon, the road was temporarily blocked, so the team had to make a detour. Wang Mingtao, who was already somewhat tired, was not sure about how long the detour would be.

Feng Zhongjun had the same question, but he didn’t slow down. He knew that, last time in Shenyang, he managed to cycle for 160km in the last day, so he was sure that he could reach the finish line as well this time.

Any member who participated in cycling for the first time would always be somewhat worried, but Feng Zhongjun found himself much more confident than the last time.

On Day two, the team left Wuchang and entered the mountainous area. There were dense woods along the road and the leaves of all kinds reminded us the arrival of autumn.

When cycling on such a forest road, everybody became light-hearted and the cycling speed soon went up. There are numerous slopes on the road from Wuchang to Chonghe. After climbing up one slope, Feng Zhongjun found another higher slope ahead. He adjusted his breathing rhythm and challenged the slope ahead. After climbing up the last big slope, he found himself on a downward slope he had been waiting for. He went down with a roar.

On that day, Feng Zhongjun enjoyed himself to the full. Though it was really hard to climb up the slope, he was very happy as he knew he could make it. He was looking forward to the third cycling…