ExSaf Cycling TeamThe 7th Cycling

The 7th Cycling:Xiamen Roundabout

Cycling route: Xiamen Roundabout – Haicang – Xiamen

Date: March 3, 2012

Number of participants: 20

Distance: 235km

In the spring of 2012, it was the turn of East China Region to participate in ExSaf Cycling Team activities.

On March 30, 20 cyclers gathered in Xiamen, preparing for the cycling from Xiamen Roundabout to Jimei Town in Zhangzhou, Haicang Island in Xiamen and then return to Xiamen Island. The total distance was about 235km and the cycling would last for 2 days as planned. I was in charge of the cycling.

Except Su Yihua and Gao Jianyuan, all other cyclers were not experienced in long-distance cycling. At the night before departure, Su Yihua gave us an introduction on basic knowledge concerning cycling.

I was worried that I could not finish the cycling and what I should do if there was any accident in the course. I could not sleep well that night.

On Day one, we arrived at the seashore after several turns. The weather was changeable today and the temperature was only about 7℃. We were in short-sleeved cycling clothes, so it was really cold.

When we arrived at the seashore, it began to rain slightly. The wind was blowing on our face directly. No matter how we changed our direction, it seemed that the wind was just opposite to us. The waves were slapped the rocks heavily, but I could not attend to enjoy the view. “Keep cycling and don’t fall behind!” Finally I arrived at the first rest area and I saw the teammates who had arrived earlier talking and laughing there.

In the afternoon, the team continued cycling. Su Yihua reminded us to stay close and not fall far behind. I was also determined that I should stay close with the team.

In fact, the cycling proved to be more painful in the afternoon. It seemed that we were cycling on one slope after another and finally we arrived at the destination of the day.

On Day two, I felt a pain in my leg and I could bear it. The most important thing was that the hateful wind stopped blowing. Soon after our departure, we came to the first big slope, which was very long but not very steep.

I wanted to climb over the slope as easily as Su Yihua, but I was not so skillful as him. I thought I had to learn from someone experienced.

According to what Su Yihua taught me yesterday, I followed Su Yihua closely and watched his gear adjustment. When he shifted the gears, I did as well, which really worked. I finally climb over the slope at the same speed as Su Yihua.

In our life, we may also run into troubles like this. Sometimes, our weakness prevents us from going forward or makes us go slowly. When we have any difficult, we should persist what we are doing and try to find the solution, which can be learned from the experienced persons, the elders and the wise men. After learning, we should still persist by ourselves, in which way, we can overcome the difficult and go further.

On Day two, I just followed Su Yihua and learned how to cycle. I managed to stay in the first echelon till we arrived at the destination.