ExSaf Cycling TeamThe 6th Cycling

The 6th Cycling:Shenyang

Cycling route: Shenyang – Anshan – Panjin – Shenyang

Date: October 7, 2011

Number of participants: 16

Distance: 420km

From the cycling in desert in 2006, upon the cycling activity of each year, cyclers from all over the country would gather at the designated place. 2011 was the 5th year. In the past five years, more and more young people had joined ExSaf and more and more young people had grown up, who also wanted to participate in cycling.

In order to offer the chance of cycling to more people, from 2011, we expanded the annual cycling into quarterly cycling activity and the cyclers were sales employees from East China, Northwest China and Northeast China regions. To facilitate the gathering of cyclers, the route would be designated in the region related to the participating cyclers.

In such a way, with the increase of cycling activities and participating cyclers, we had a formal name for the cycling team, ExSaf Cycling Team.

On October 7, 2011, ExSaf Cycling Team started its first cycling after the formal establishment and the distance was 420km, from Shenyang to Anshan, Panjin and back to Shenyang. Totally 16 cyclers participated. 15 cyclers were sales managers and some sales employees from Northeast China region. Su Yihua also traveled from Shenzhen and joined the team.

The team set off at 6:30 on Day one. It was the first time for most cyclers, such as Feng Zhongjun, Yu Pengfei and Jiang Jun, to participate in such an activity. We could feel their excitements and expectations right from their expressions. Yu Xiao even tied a team pennant at the back of his bicycle.

When we passed by Shenshuiwan Park, the people doing morning exercises looked at us with curiosity and admiration, which gave us more power for cycling. We didn’t take any rest until we had cycled for over 20km. When we set off again after the rest, the distance between teammates became longer, up to 3 or 4km.

In the afternoon, we cycled against the wind. Feng Zhongjun and several other cyclers became slower and slower. At first, we communicated with each other occasionally, but later, we just kept cycling without saying a single word.

After we entered Anshan, there were obviously more and more slopes. Feng Zhongjun persisted in climbing over the slopes, one after another. When seeing the continuous tunnel ahead, he felt like he had reached his limit. Would be there another slope at the other end of the tunnel?

We kept cycling slowly, and, with some expectation. At the end the tunnel, we found there was a slope going downhill for nearly 3km. In usually times, we had never cared about the downhill, but now, it was a joy for us to cycle downhill.

After this slope, we were somewhat recovered both physically and mentally. We arrived at the destination of that day without taking rest any more.

After our persistence, a tiny downhill slope gave us the experience of happiness. Sometime, it was so easy to have the feeling of happiness.

On Day two, as there were big differences between the physical power and cycling skills of different cyclers, we were not sure whether we could finish the 160km cycling, which had been planned for Day three, successfully. For this reason, many of us were upset.

At the night of Day two, Su Yihua divided the team into three groups according to the cycling speed. One group leader was selected for each group, making preparations for the 160km cycling.

In the morning of Day three, it rained. Though it did not rain hard, the rain made us more unsure about the cycling. We started the cycling of Day three in prayers.

We took a rest after cycling for 25km and, suddenly, it rained hard. We found a shelter in a gas station at the other side of the road immediately. The god might have heard our prayer. Without this gas station, all cyclers would get thoroughly wet in such a wild and remote place.

We waited for about 20 minutes and it rained not as heavily as before. We continued cycling as we did not want to delay any more.

After we set off, it gradually stopped raining and we could see the sunshine again. Led by the leader of each group, the entire team moved forward faster. The interval for rest was changed from 20km in previous two days to 25km, but, out of our expectation, we experienced the best conditions in the cycling of Day three.

Farmers were harvesting at both sides of the road and the yellow and red leaves on trees along the road became more beautiful under the sunshine. We all got relaxed, got rid of all our worries and arrived at Shenyang at 4:30pm.

When we were cycling, we could not help expecting good weathers; however, after cycling and when looking back, we found it were such windy and rainy days that brought us the best challenges.