ExSaf Cycling TeamThe 3rd Cycling

The 3rd Cycling:Grassland in Inner Mongolia

Cycling route: Manzhouli Inner Mongolia – Yakeshi – Boketu – Arun Banner

Date: August 8, 2008

Number of participants: 13

Distance: 560km

It was the third year since the cycling activities bagan.

On August 8, 2008, the 13 cyclers gathered in Manzhouli, from where we would cycle for Arun Banner. The 13 cyclers included the 11 who had participated in the cycling in desert, Ren Dayong from Dalian Branch and Huang Ailan from Shenzhen Branch. Huang requested strongly to participate in the cycling, but she could not cycle. So she acted as a backup staff. Xue Tao was in charge of this cycling activity.

Different with the previous two cycling activities, we didn’t rent bicycles this time but mailed our own bicycles to Manzhouli in advance. On August 8, which was also the opening date of Beijing Olympic Games, we made a joke that we were celebrating the opening of Olympic Games by cycling and it must be the best way of celebration.

The cycling in Day one was quite smooth. As most cyclers had participated in the previous two cycling activities, they were in good teamwork. Xue Tao and Guo Aimin, who had relatively better physical power, took a lead in turn to control the speed of the entire team, while Xizi cycled behind all other teammates as the end. The entire team moved ahead in a straight line, with almost equal intervals between the members. The only exception was Ren Dayong, who participated in cycling for the first time. He took the first place for a while, cycled beside the team for another and then fell behind.

During the rest, other teammates told Ren Dayong that his way of cycling was quite physical power consuming. In long-distance cycling, it was necessary to properly allocate the physical power and any rush cycling should be avoided. However, it seemed Ren did not care about this and just continued cycling in his own way.

In the morning of Day two, the team remained the same cycling speed as in Day one and Ren Dayong continued his way of cycling. The only difference was that, more than often, he fell behind the team.

When we had lunch in a restaurant by the road at noon, Ren Dayong seldom spoke and looked very discomfort. In fact, he had exhausted himself. Other cyclers advised him not to continue the cycling in the afternoon. He obeyed and got on the car. He lied on the supporting car all the afternoon.

In long-distance cycling, we must pay attention to the way of cycling and learn to allocate our physical power properly. There is still a long way to go, just like our life.

We planned to cycle to Hailaer and take a rest there in Day two, but we arrived at noon, so we decided to skip Hailaer and go further to Yakeshi, which was 85km away. At a little over 4:00pm, it turned cloudy and darker. It was raining and it would be heavy rain. Xue Tao determined that the supporting car should go first to find a hostel in the village ahead and we gave up our plan to Yakeshi.

As it was during the Olympic Games, we had to present a reference letter before we could be admitted into any hotel. Since we had no such reference letter, the hostel refused to receive us. It began raining and Yakeshi was still about 40km away. It got darker and rained more heavily. Xue Tao proposed that all cyclers could go to Yakeshi by the supporting car. However, Su Yihua believed that Yakeshi was at most 30km away and we should continue cycling in the rain.

As an encouragement, Su Yihua got on his bicycle and moved ahead, without looking back. Then, Ya qiang, Ah Guan and Shi Yaping followed.

Others waiting by the road got on the support car. It rained more and more heavily. Soon we found Ya Qiang and other two cyclers. They also got on the car. It rained hard and turned darker.

After a while, we saw Su Yihua, who was hunching over his bicycle and cycling very fast. We wanted to ask him to get on the car, but we did not know how to say. Xue Tao called Manager Su. He turned his head and took a look at us, without saying a word. He continued cycling for a while, stopped and got on the car. After about 10 minutes, the rain suddenly stopped and there was a huge rainbow in the sky.

Why did Su Yihua get on the car so easily? We dared not to ask him. In fact, none of us should get on the car, but finish the last part of that day in the rain and under the rainbow.

On Day three, we entered the forest of Great Khingan soon after we left Yakeshi and we put up for the night in Boketu.

We arrived at Arun Banner in the evening of Day four.

In every cycling activity, there would always be some pities, which might be one of the reasons for us to continue the cycling…

In above picture, from the left: Xue Tao, Ya Qiang, Wang Yang, Su Yihua, Gao Jianyuan, Guo Aimin, Zhang Peijun, Xiang Jinghui, Ren Dayong, Xizi, La Wenmin, Huang Ailan, Ah Guan, Shi Yaping