ExSaf Cycling TeamThe 2nd Cycling

The 2nd Cycling : Surrounding Qinghai Lake

Cycling route: Huangyuan County, Xining – Qinghai Lake – Bird Island – Xihai Town – Xining

Date: September 15, 2007

Number of participants: 21

Distance: 490km

After coming back from the desert, we never thought we would have the chance for cycling again. All the cyclers returned to their jobs: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, Hunan…After some time, when we recalled the cycling, we thought it quite interesting and every participant benefited from it, so we made an appointment: this cycling activity would be held once a year.

We had tried the desert, then we would somewhere else next year; some cyclers bought their own bicycles, so that they could cycle in normal times, polishing their cycling skills and methods.

In 2007, 21 cyclers were gathered for the cycling to Qinhai Lake. This time, we rent bicycles again. The age of the participants ranged from 20 to 51. The route surrounding Qinghai Lake was also the route of national road cycling race.

Soon after we left Huangyuan County, there was the big slope of Riyue Mountain. The altitude of Huangyuan County was 2626m and, after climbing over this 32km-long slope, we would arrive at the summit of Riyue Mountain with the altitude of 3520m. The altitude increase was nearly 1000m. Before coming to Xining, most of us, who were living in plains, were aware of the high altitude of Xining, but we knew nothing about the altitude reactions caused by high altitude.

Some of us kept cycling, some just pushed their bicycles forward, and some cycled for a while and pushed for another. It took us the entire morning to climb over the 32km slope. After Riyue Mountain, we went down along the downhill and saw a town after cycling for 5km. We took a rest there and then continued…

Liu Hongbin lied on the supporting car. Before climbing over Riyue Mountain, he already felt dizzy and had a pain in his leg. When he heard others talking about the altitude and altitude reactions, he thought he was suffering from altitude reaction. Standing at the foot of the slope, he could not even see the top, which made him nervous. In many parts of the slope, he had to get off his bicycle and push forward. He had a difficulty in breathing and felt his heartbeat faster then before. When it was time for rest, he put his bicycle aside and lied down on his back immediately. He felt like there would be a heart attack for him.

When we got ready to go and checked the head count, we found one person missing. Someone said Liu Hongbin was lying on the car, having some trouble with his heart, and could not continue the cycling.

Liu Hongbin lay on the seat, with some medicine in his hand. He wanted to take some medicine. He saw Su Yihua was coming up, so he muffled his chest with his right hand and waved the medicine with his left hand, indicating that he was suffering from a heart attack and could not continue cycling.

In fact, Lui Hongbin was just scared and there was nothing wrong with his heart. Su Yihua told him this and said, “even if you would die, you should not die on the car, but on the bicycle…”

The team started cycling again. After we cycled for about 20km, it began to rain, harder and harder. In wind, rain and snow, we got colder and colder. It was dark and we did not want to continue. Su Yihua cycled ahead of the team for a while and at the end for another. He told us the destination was just about 20km away and later we knew, in fact, he did not know how far the destination was.

Liu Hongbin, who was forced to continue by Su Yihua, did not want to cycle any more, but Su Yihua required him to follow him, so that he could keep out some of the wind for Liu. Su Yihua cycled in front of Liu Hongbin at an even speed, encouraging him, asking him to adjust his breath and telling him they would arrive at the destination soon. The team continued cycling for a long time and finally, at about 8:30pm, we saw Qinghai Lake.

At night, when we sat down together for drinking, Liu Hongbin sat beside Su Yihua and gave a toast to Su…

In fact, cycling is not so scaring and often we cannot continue just because we are scared by our own imagination. When we are facing difficulties, troubles and breakdown, if there is someone who can remain calm beside us, we can calm down as well and conquer the difficulties. Liu Hongbin hoped himself could be such kind of person in the future.

In the next morning, it was cloudy and began to rain heavily soon after we set off. We found a shelter in a yurt by the lake, but it just kept raining. In the afternoon, we decided to give up cycling and got on the supporting car. Several minutes after we got on the car, it stopped raining, but we didn’t get off and stayed in the car until we arrived at the destination of that day.

On Day three, the road was in poor condition at the beginning. However, after lunch, we went downhill all the way and arrived at the destination very quickly and smoothly.

The cycling surrounding Qinghai Lake came to an end, but we seldom mentioned it later. We felt regretful that we got on the car when it rained. We participated in the cycling activity for conquest of difficulties and we should not have given up when there were some difficulties.

More than often, we have only one chance for a certain experience in our life and such chance can never be repeated. Once we hesitate, we will miss it.