ExSaf Cycling TeamThe Origin of ExSaf Cycling Team

Starting from 2006

The number of members of the cycling team grows from 12 to 148

The total mileage of cycling is 6423km

The total number of cycling days is 54

  • Shi Yaping

  • Gao Jianyhuan

  • At a night in August, in a common restaurant in Tianjin, most clients of the restaurant had left, but there were still several clients in a room.

    In the morning, Manager Su came from Shenzhen to Tianjin for business trip. Gao Jianyuan was very happy and traveled from Beijing. They had a drink with Shi Yaping, the manager of Tianjin Office and some other sales staffs in Tianjin Office.

  • Bi Tao

  • Guo Aimin

  • Shi Yaping came to the company in 1996 when he was just graduated from the university. He was curious about everything. At that time, the company was still very small and had just a few employees. All of them lived in bachelor quarters and, after work, they liked eating, drinking and chatting together……

    When he was very young, Shi Yaping often acted as an assistant of his father to repair agricultural implements, so he had strong operational abilities. In 2000, when the manager of Beijing Office came to the company to select after-sale service staffs, Shi Yaping, who was active and diligent, was selected.

  • Zhang Guoxi

  • Su Yihua

  • Shi Yaping, who came from a rural area, arrived at the metropolis of Beijing for the first time and felt more curious about everything. He was clever, diligent and capable like all other southerners and soon he was highly recognized by the customers.

    In 2001, he was promoted from an after-sale service engineer to a sales engineer in Beijing Office. In 2003, with the establishment of Tianjin Office, he was sent to Tianjin and acted as the manager there.

  • Jiang Yaqiang

  • Chen Chengguan

  • When they were in Shenzhen, the colleagues gathered frequently and, to Shi Yaping, it was just as natural as the dinners of everyday. However, in recent years, he was sent to Beijing and now in Tianjin. He had to manage more people now. He was carefree before, but now he was much more silent. When he kept silent, he would always recall the days in Shenzhen, when all the colleagues gathered with fun.

    For something, we never cherish when we own it, and we do not realize its preciousness until we lose it…

  • Zhang Peijun

  • Xiang Jinhui

  • Today, when both Su Yihua and Gao Jianyuan came to Tianjin, Shi Yaping was very happy. He talked a lot like a child. He kept talking about the past when they were together and he hoped that the old friends could have the chance to gather again, for a longer time…

    They talked about this and drank all night long. Finally, they decided to cycle to Sinkiang and go across Taklimakan Desert (the second largest desert in the world, just after Sahara Desert in North Africa).

  • La Wenmin

  • Wang Yang

  • On September 15, 2006, 12 cyclers who made the appointment started their cycling across Taklimakan Desert.

    The tradition of the cycling activity was remained since then and, gradually, the current ExSaf 852 Cycling Team came into being.